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Toronto Archives

For my senior graphic design thesis project at the Ontario College of Art & Design, I decided to rebrand, reorganize and revitalize a hidden treasure: The Toronto Archives, where all the old documents, photographs and maps of Toronto are stored. Every piece in this collection is used to show diversity in content while maintaining a strong continuity of design throughout. Therefore, there are multiple options for many pieces, for employees to choose their favorites from, echoing the vast selection of items in the Archives.

The new letterhead for the Archives can be used in 3 formats, logo in the top right, logo in the bottom left, or in portrait format with the logo along the bottom, for versatility with consistency, for whatever need or purpose may arise. 

Large format business cards modeled after old style, deckle edge photographs, along with standard size cards, with the back open for writing, reminiscent of the back of a postcard. There is a set of six different photographs per set.

Envelopes with a security pattern of crisscrossed handwriting, a throw-back to ‘cross-writing’ letters. The outside has a striped pattern on the edges like the old “Air-Mail” envelopes, but in the Archives’ new colours.

At the time of design, the Toronto Archives were gearing up for an exhibition on the TTC. It was only fitting to mock up an invitation in the new style, with a new tag line “Our Roots Go Underground”.

Non-denominational holiday cards, which would be sent with a large format business card from their contact, adorned with a winter Archive picture and a matching envelope striped in festive red and green instead of it’s usual black and cyan.

Awareness Ad Utilizing a great photo from Toronto’s history, and displaying the new tag line “We Were Here”