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Valkyrie Harper Press

I had done branding before, but never had it hit so close to home. I consider myself a work in progress – and that’s tricky to put a face onto. I needed something that I could grow with, and so I chose an ambigram that says my pseudonym no matter which way you turn it.

For the packaging, I wanted something classic and memorable. The hang tags for shirts are modeled after concert tickets, screen printed and hand stamped, while the protective bag is a poly 12’’ sleeve for an LP. The book wraps are plain paper stamped with my mark, and all outer packaging is unbleached kraft brown. Online ads used bold fonts and bold colours, often using the entire frame, and I communicated with an intentionally very casual voice. The products were handmade notebooks and tshirts. This is a small selection of the collateral I accumulated while running this shop. It was retired in 2016.