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    I tend to feel a bit existential when writing an artists’ statement, I guess I always hope that the work will speak for itself. That’s the difference between artists and designers though, artists express what’s inside themselves, where designers are visual problem solvers. I don’t think it should matter what a good designers’ personal tastes are like because it’s not about them, it’s about what’s on the project brief, and what’s right for that client. For you. I honestly don’t do well with a blank page, because in a sense, I am the blank page.

    But I strive to be that blank page, because that white background lets me adopt all sorts of colours for a while, so that when I take you on, I can stylistically be whoever you need me to be, and your palate will shine that much brighter with me behind you. I just want to help everyone put their best foot forward. That I get to explore all kinds of subjects and challenges while I do, is just a personal bonus.

    Thank you for looking at my work.

    Sabrina Vitali

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    Sabrina Vitali

    Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Mad Scientist
    BDes in Graphic Design from OCADU, Class of 2009

    Based in Fort Erie, Ontario. Serving the Niagara Region and Greater Toronto area, and available for freelance projects worldwide.